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Of particular interest to many is our online program leading either to a Master of Engineering in Project Management or a Master of Science in Civil Engineering with a major in Project Management. This popular new internet accessible program, beginning January 2006, delivers highly valued project management concepts, knowledge, and skills to practicing engineers throughout the country and around the world. Developed over a period of two years, it provides an extraordinary online technology that mimics live classroom experience.

Why online Program in project management at UMD?

A unique global opportunity for practicing engineers anywhere

Earn a masters degree from the prestigious University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering – a program designed by architects and engineers for engineers! Gain practical project leadership skills for rapid career advancement. Our "Managing Project Teams: Enhancing Individual and Team Productivity" is one of a kind and stunningly effective.

Equip yourself to excel in your engineering career by blending high-demand project management skills with your excellent engineering knowledge;

* Interact with faculty and the diverse experiences of our global student population with weekly video conferences;
* Meet today’s burgeoning real-world demand for project management excellence in industry, business, and government needs;
* Better than an MBA for most engineers. Review the curriculum. It relates to skills aligned with engineering career goals.

Real world skills for practicing engineers.

This is not a watered down internet program. Our online classes are identical to those offered on our main campus in College Park, Maryland offered at your convenience.

Apply project skills on the job.

What you learn, as you learn it, is immediately beneficial to you and your employer.

A proven program of success.

Our graduates are in demand. Our ever evolving course of study – refined for years at our main campus – was developed by expert engineering project management practitioners. It sets the standard for internet-accessible programs.
If you are in the fields of engineering, design, information technology, communications, construction, architecture, or other technical disciplines engaged in managing projects, this is the most convenient program for you.

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