Visiting Scholars

All visiting scholars secure their own financing from external research funding organizations in support of their scholarly activity, typically from government foundations or from industry. Their efforts directly contribute to the research mission of the e-Construction Group or other research areas in the PM Program..

The visiting scholars program is open to scholars in any of the associated fields of project management.

Featured Visited Scholar for Spring 2015:

Dr. Aurangzeb Z. Khan, COMSATS University

Project Stakeholder Management and Engagement

Spring 2013

Lin Gan, Chongqing University Performance and Efficiency of Infrastructure Investments
Spring 2013 Dezhi Li, Associated Professor, Southeast University Emissions and sustainability
Fall 2012 Tadeusz Golonka, Warsaw Technical University Web-based Tools, Agile Methodologies, Application Life Management with Team Foudation Server
2012-2012 Jinkook Yang CM at Risk model 
2011-2011 Ms. Hong Zheng Information Technology, Project Management, Optimization Modelling
2010-2011 Dr. Aurangzeb Zulfiqar Khan Management Sciences, IT, Business Administration
2010-2011 Prof. Hermano Perrelli de Moura Project Management, IT Management, Software Projects: Planning and Management, Strategic Planning of Information Technology, Software Processes: Methodologies, Techniques and Tools, Entrepreneurship, Internet
2009-2010 Prof. Shaohua Jiang (on leave from Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China) Knowledge Management, Information Management ,Risk Management, Social Network Analysis and Decision Making in Project Management ,Credit Management in Construction Industry and Application of AI.
2009-2010 Prof. CheungShuang Sun (on leave from Harbin Institute of Technoglogy, Harbin, China) Technologies for building reconstruction and Implementation of Sustainable Construction Practices.


Dr. Won-Suk Jang (as Engineering Research Fellow at NIST Building and Fire Research Lab, Gaithersburg, MD)

Wireless Sensor Networks: Design and Implementation for Building Monitoring Tasks

2008-2009 Dr. Yong-Seon Lee (on leave as Korean Ministry of Research Fellow from Yonsei University, Korea) Sensor-based Energy Harvesting Systems for Construction Equipment Gas Emissions and Bridge Structural Health Monitoring


Dr. Kamolwan Lueprasert (on leave as Fulbright Fellow from King Mongkut Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand)

Legal Aspects of International Technology Transfer in Construction

2008-2009 Dr. Kangsuk Suh (on leave from Honam University, Korea)

Strategic Planning of Institutional Project Management


Dr. Lei Zheng (on leave from Southeast University, Nanjing, China)

Trust Networks and their Implementation in Construction Management

2007-2008 Prof. In-Joon Kang (on leave from Pusan National University, Korea) GIS Technology Solutions for Construction Project Management


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