The Center contributes to the advancement of knowledge through research on important engineering and project management challenges. Our interdisciplinary research teams include faculty from our strategic partner universities and experts in the field that are not at universities. The research results are communicated through recognized channels of knowledge dissemination in the communities of engineering and project management.

The intent of the research initiative is to establish interdisciplinary teams that can pursue research in broad areas that go beyond the span of individual faculty. These research areas are to a large extent synergistic and specific research projects are likely to draw upon several of the topic areas. One of the strengths of the Center will be to form interdisciplinary teams to respond to a broad array of research needs. The research areas at this time based on our current faculty and senior research fellow composition include the following subjects: 

Applied Positive Psychology in Project Management

Application of the research in Positive Psychology to create high performance project teams, effective team leadership, positive work environments. Effective conflict management and resolution practices. When individuals Flourish, organizations thrive! Educating project management professionals to create thriving workplaces for sustainable competitive advantage!

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Water Policy & Management

As the world moves into the 21st Century, it faces both old and new challenges to the sustainable use of its water resources, the specter of global climate change and the changes in water availability. Contemporary water resources management and policy development; systems approaches to water project development (including watershed planning); flood risk management.

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e-Construction Group

Construction information, communication and automation technologies for improvement of construction engineering, management and allied processes. Engineering, economic and project management implications of state-of-the art information technologies, Web-Based Project Management, Building Information Modeling, Enterprise Resource Planning, construction process automation and robotics.

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Disaster Management Research

Development of a global center as a clearing house for research being done in universities around the world on topics related to disaster recovery and rebuilding. Working to instill sound project management practices in the front line response units.

Related research in Wireless Communications for emergency response and also Transportation emergency response. 

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Project Risk Management

Engineering and project risk analysis and management. Includes approaches to identifying, analyzing, assessing, and managing risks inherent to engineering projects. Includes: probability modeling, choice and value theory, schedule and cost risk, risk mitigation and transfer, and contract considerations of project risk. 

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Sustainable infrastructure Group

Development of engineering, financing, construction, and organizational solutions for sustainable infrastructure. The group’s current research concentrates on Public Private Partnerships, carbon credits and renewable energy projects, and integrated analysis framework of construction energy use and emissions.

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